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Are you looking to work with verified drink communicators to promote a brand? The Drinks Communicators has been set up to help you do exactly that. We know who’s who and which accounts are full of bots and fake followers. The entry requirements for communicators are strict, ensuring only the most genuine are included. They do not pay to be a member and it is by invitation only.

Press Releases

We can send out press releases on your behalf to a specific group of communicators. This can be on an ad-hoc basis or via an annual subscription.

We send out stand-alone releases and a weekly round-up that links to every release we have sent.


Product Launches

Knowing who to send product samples to can be hard. Will they be a good fit, will the coverage you receive be adequate? 

We work closely with you to select exactly who you should send product too and the potential reach of each campaign. 



Having worked in hospitality for a number of years, and attended numerous events, launches and lunches we are in an ideal position to help you put on an event. 


Our Process

  1. Invitation to join
  2. Vetting
  3. Final approval
  4. Ensuring accuracy
  5. Working with you

Our process begins by searching for potential communicators. We do this via reading the written press, constantly scanning social media and through recommendations.

Once a potential communicator has been found we research their social platforms to ensure they meet stringent membership criteria. Essentially this equates to:-

1. They have genuine followers which is not populated by bots and fake accounts.

2. There following numbers are a maximum of 50% of their follower numbers.

3. The quality of their posts meets a minimum standard of quality.

4. They are inclusive and not overtly political.



Successful communicators are then invited to fill out our form which is checked for accuracy before being published.

When you contact us we will discuss your requirements and how we can help you deliver the results you desire. This might be sending out a press release to our members or organising tasting packs, an influencer tasting or lunch or a press trip to your premises.

Should you have an idea for an article about yourself, we can suggest an appropriate writer for you or do it ourselves.


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