Drinks Communicators – What I Do

Drawing from my background as a former sommelier and my current drink writer role, my insight into what influences passionate writing is a true help. I bring a wealth of innovative ideas that I firmly believe can benefit brands of all sizes. I take the time to understand your business in order to communicate properly, often meaning you don’t have to attend every dinner. 

There are no monthly retainers (unless you would like me to look after your marketing) and I work on a percentage of total spend plus whisky. 

While extending invitations to influencers for dinners may seem straightforward, ensuring that they enjoy an extraordinary experience is a more intricate process than you might imagine. I’ve attended numerous dinners and events organised by large PR firms and witnessed their shortcomings. I possess an acute understanding of the elements that coalesce to make an event successful and am committed to personally overseeing each detail to ensure flawless execution. I have numerous new ideas that I would be happy to discuss with you.

Press Trips
Inviting communicators to your distillery stands as a potent strategy for fostering positive media coverage, yet this demands meticulous coordination and strategic planning. I can adeptly manage these aspects, ensuring seamless execution. In the event of any transportation challenges, I will have contingency plans to help us get back on track.

Facilitating interviews with key communicators is a fantastic way of nurturing relationships. I will arrange and manage interviews, optimising your engagement with influencers and the media.

Sample Distribution
When it comes to distributing your latest releases, I am well-equipped to handle this efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your products reach the relevant individuals within your target audience.





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